Process of Enrolment

Parents seeking to enrol a child at the school are required to complete an Application for Enrolment Form, including a Special Character Reference, and send it to the school. Please either scan and email, or drop in to our office.

Once your application has been received, you will be sent a letter of acknowledgement. Once all required documentation is received, your application will be held until an interview is scheduled as determined by our enrolment policy.

Find our Non Preference Enrolment Policy here.

 Invitations to enrolment interviews and allocation of spaces are made in accordance with our Enrolment Preference Policy (as outlined in Section B, Page 1 of the Application for Enrolment form). Please note that attending an enrolment interview does not guarantee a space (as there are frequently more applicants than spaces available).

If no space is available for an interviewed applicant, they will be placed on our waiting list. Soon after attending an enrolment interview, you will be advised if your application was approved by the Maranatha Foundation Board. Further to this, you will be advised if space is available or if the applicant will be placed on our waiting list.

Maranatha Christian School is a cohort entry school which means we have two intakes per term i.e. start of the term and mid-term. Students are not legally allowed to start school before their 5th birthday. For more information on cohort entry go to:

 For a child who turns 5 between these dates: Cut Off date to receive applications by: 
12 March 2024 – 4 June 2024   24 July 2023
 5 June 2024 – 26 August 2024   16 October 2023
 27 August 2024 – 18 November 2024  12 February 2024
 19 November 2024 – 10 March 2025  6 May 2024

Enrol With Us Find your enrolment form here

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