Due to the requirements of current COVID Alert Levels, anyone who is unwell (with a cough, cold
or temperature) must not come to school. If unsure, families are encouraged to contact Healthline (0800 611 116) for free
medical advice. Anyone who becomes unwell at school (with flu-like symptoms) will be isolated in
the medical room and sent home.

Please follow the Ministry of Health guidance relevant to the COVID setting at the time.

Key Messages Include...

● Keep indoor spaces well ventilated
● Wash/sanitise hands regularly
● Cough/Sneeze into the elbow
● Keep out of others' 'moist breath' zones
● Do not come to school if unwell

Watching out for COVID symptoms...

● A new or worsening cough
● Sneezing and runny nose
● A fever
● Temporary loss of smell or altered sense of taste
● Sore throat
● Shortness of breath

Less common symptoms include; diarrhoea, headache, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, malaise, chest pain, abdominal pain, joint pain, or confusion/irritability.

For more information about COVID symptoms, isolation requirements and more, please visit Unite Against COVID-19

If a child is diagnosed with a notifiable contagious disease the office needs to be notified immediately and the school community is notified, as appropriate.

If a child has a headache or requires rest, they will be treated in the medical room and returned to class when they are recovered, otherwise, parents/caregivers will be notified if they need to be sent home.

If a child has vomiting or diarrhoea they are required to stay away from school until
48 hours after their last bout.

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