Kiwi Class - New Entrant

We are the new entrant class at Maranatha Christian School. We are blessed to begin our school day reading about, talking to and worshipping God. The Kiwi Burrow has a peaceful atmosphere in the treetops and we know Holy Spirit is with us here too. We are given so many different opportunities to explore and learn and this term we are focussing on “God is All Powerful.” Our teacher is Mrs Stentiford and she understands how we feel as we transition to school. She knows that we love being active in our learning and how exciting it is to explore new adventures, whether in the classroom, on the jungle gym, down at the bush track or by doing sport outside on the field. In the

Kiwi Burrow we really care about each other and we have agreed to keep one another safe and to treat each other with kindness. 

  • We use our thinking brains that God gave us
  • We use our gentle hands
  • We use our walking feet and quiet voices inside
  • We use our listening ears
  • We use kind words and remember our manners